Dissidia Nearing Western Release, Looks Very Solid

Gaming Union writes "Square Enix have tried their hand at fighting games in the past, with Ehrgeiz and Bushido Blade being some of their previous attempts. So when an announcement was made about a new 3D based Final Fantasy fighting game for the Sony PSP called Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the initial reaction was one of pessimism."

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Kyll3363d ago

I just want to get my hands on this already >.<

mephman3363d ago

I already have, and I liked it. xD

Selyah3363d ago

Yeah couldn't agree more, sooner the better.

bushfan3363d ago

i already have it too...but because i don't know japanese..there are still so many things that i really don't know..and i just can figure out, like items on the field that i can't pick up.

ThanatosDMC3363d ago

For those that has all ready played this game (Japanese version), if you liked it... i suggest checking out Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce. Same concept and somewhat similar fighting gameplay just more stuff going on.

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koehler833363d ago

It IS solid. It's a day one purchase for me. I just fear that I won't be able to find it anywhere but at EBgames.. which isn't an option.

40cal3363d ago

I just went to GameStop/ EB a few hours ago and paid this off.

INehalemEXI3363d ago

I'ts about damn time this hits my shore.

Kurisu3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I don't think this game is due out in the UK until September!!! I know PSP games are region free, so I could always import from America, but I prefer to purchase games when they come out here. (never imported before)

Anyway, REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on this! Have been ever since it was first announced.

Socomer 19793363d ago

im looking forward to motorstorm artic edge and littlebigplanet and the next fireteam bravo socom. i would love to get dissidia. i had got bad information earlier this winter and was searching best buys for the game for hours. then i found out its not in america yet.
dee dee dee !

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