PM: MadWorld Review


"Complaints? Oh yeah. For all the whining some critics do over manual cameras, well, here's the alternative. Chase cameras that force you to constantly snap the camera behind your character really suck. Any non-rails 3D environment needs a manual camera. Dual analog control would make MadWord a much more enjoyable game but sadly it's not compatible with the Classic controller or any of Nintendo's traditional pads. Accidental pauses are also inevitable if your hands are bigger than a 10-year-old's and the touchy lock-on could use a bit of tweaking too. Getting from burb to burb on Jack's chopper was like the ultimate version of Road Rash so I wish there were more of it, along with the vertical exploration-an unexpected gameplay nugget that should have been used more, contingent on a manual camera. And finally, although I'll admit that it is catchy, especially while you're saving the Geishas in Asia Town, I'm not convinced that hip-hop was the right choice for the soundtrack. If ever there was a call for speed metal, this was it. Hey, I know! How about a full-color Xbox 360/PS3 version Sega? MadWorld is the feel-good game of the 7th-generation. You gotta spread the love."

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