Brutal Legend Might Have Been A Country Or Hip-Hop Game

Publishers don't always know what's best for a game. If certain executives had their way, Brutal Legend could've been a country music game starring Garth Brooks instead of a heavy metal adventure starring Jack Black.

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ReaperXL73184d ago

If the game had ended up being a Country, or Hip Hop game it would not have been anywhere near as interesting.

Heavy Metal has a large history of great imagery and it lends itself well to an Adventure game setting.

it's my opinion but Heavy Metal is the best genre in music, always has been.

ThaGeNeCySt3184d ago

I couldn't see this game succeeding in a hip hop setting... and hip hop/rap is my favorite music genre... glad they focused on the heavy metal

dznutz003184d ago

I cant see this game succeeding

micro_invader3184d ago

Awesome interview, very lenghty. Just the way I like it.

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