Sadness is back from the dead

The Wii Game long-rumoured to have become 'Vapour water' has just been confirmed to appear at E3 2009...

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MisterNiwa2945d ago

Omg! I was waiting for new informations for a whole while nao!

Tomdc2945d ago

yeh its good but "vapour water" !? makes no sense!! Its vapour WARE!

n4f2945d ago

well they always said it was 2009 right call me crazy but i think i remember them saying somewhere 2009
but what is weird is that the wiimote the girl is holding is black. does that mean.....

theusedfake2946d ago

wow, I'd forgotten about this game.
good to hear it's still alive.

ChickeyCantor2946d ago

Nope still fake, we all know it.

SinnedNogara2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Uhh, seriously sidar. You're joking right??

Well, I really hope the game gets released by the end of this year. The massive pile of great 2009 Wii games will get one more. I hope it works out :)

edit: Like my new logo. Don't worry, I'll get the Mario one back next month. I am making a joke here:)

Smacktard2945d ago

Holy crap. That's unexpected. However, I still don't imagine it'll make an appearance.

SupaPlaya2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

It looks like the Wii is finally getting some hardcore love.

Might have to get another Wii to catch up on No More Heroes (gave mine to my little cousins a year ago after I finished Mario Galaxy, Excellent game BTW. Twilight princess on the other hand was not as good as I expected.)

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The story is too old to be commented.