Pocket-Lint Review: HTC Magic mobile phone

The HTC Magic is a very enjoyable and fun handset to use. It's quick, nimble and has the potential to be so much more thanks to the addition of Market – Android's app store.

In fact, apart from a rather gloss white plastic design that looks like it is unlikely to last your contract and the lack of a 3.5mm jack this handset leaves you not wanting much.

So should you run out and buy it? G1 fans fed up with the bulky lump will love the slim design, the new OS updates and the fact, well, that they can finally get it in a pocket.

As for BlackBerry users, the Gmail integration makes this a good alternative and a chance to ditch the email device you've probably become addicted to. But you would be fooling yourself if you believe that you'll get the same level of email offering. Gmail is good, but it's not that good, yet.

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