'Bean' gives credit to Perfect Dark XBLA rumour

MundoRare writes: "In the latest weeks, the hints at a release of Perfect Dark XBLA has been buzzing all over.

More than the Perfect Dark file, it also came to our attention the 'other' Joanna Dark icon, showing the Xbox 360 model from PDZ, which comes along with the title "Bean". As both Xbox Evolved and MundoRare confirmed through their own sources a year ago, this was the codename for GoldenEye XBLA, 'Project Bean', before Nintendo ruined its release. 'Bean' was also supposed to feature a Jo Dark icon during the development process.

This is important because it would corroborate that the snapshot was directly taken from a development kit from Rare Ltd, where a copy of GoldenEye -or let's call it 'Bean'- still remains. This would also mean that this port, or most probably remake (or simply both, since GoldenEye XBLA featured an option to switch between both versions with a single button during the match), is also being developed in-house at Rare, and it wouldn't be 4J Studios or another company who is dealing with the project."

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Sky Zero3359d ago

Perfect Dark and Goldeneye on the XBLA would be first day buys for me especially if rare reprograms and revamps.

Epic old school shooters with modern day controls.

The BS Police3359d ago

Hopefully Microsoft makes an announcement of Perfect Dark for the XBLA at E3 and by the looks of this it might actually happen.

Who knows? Maybe Microsoft and Nintendo sorted out the issues with Goldeneye and they plan on announcing it for the XBLA and Wii VC at E3 aswell.