PM: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review


"What's not to like about Chinatown Wars? Judged purely as a handheld experience not much; although the limitations of the hardware do change the overall dynamic somewhat. The high speed pursuits and pedestrian encounters lack the palpable punch and intensity found in the better console iterations (there's no substitute for sneering hookers chasing you down the street) and the violence, while gritty enough, looks utterly harmless, almost funny at times from on high, but that's the games charm. If I had to pick out one thing I actually missed in Chinatown, it would be the talk radio. The five radio stations on offer do their part in setting the tone, but nobody lampoons American pop-culture and excess better than Rockstar. That wry sense of humor is reserved to the text this time around, which is more than I can say for most games. Rockstar Leeds has made what I believe to be the very best GTA the DS can muster complete with razors edge technology, a pair of worthy gameplay additions, a bevy of Local Wi-Fi multiplayer games, an 8 scenario co-op mode, and live in-game chat …all on the world's number one all-time bestselling video game machine, that happens to fit in your pocket."

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