PM: Trackmania DS Review


"The track editor, I suppose, is a perfect example of the entire Trackmania DS project, and how hard it can be to take something that originally existed in a much grander scale and try to bring it to the portable world of the DS without losing any of the scope or spirit of the original game. In that regard, I consider that attempt a success. While it is not a game without faults, the simple fact that Firebrand Games were able to accomplish as much as they were is a feat by itself, and what they indeed accomplished was creating a game that is at the top of the DS racing game list in both technical and gameplay achievements. Die-hard Trackmania fans may find the differences between the DS and PC versions a bit hard to handle, but for everyone else this is a very enjoyable arcade-style racer that you'll find fun no matter what your level of racing game expertise may be."

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