NowGamer's 'Least Wanted' Characters

The characters we wish would just piss off and die

Following yesterday's publication of the UK's list of "least wanted" individuals, we thought we'd create our own list of game characters we want barred from the world of videogames. It ain't pretty guys...


Sonic series

On the one hand Sonic is cool and runs fast, but on the other hand he's a blue hedgehog with trainers that's been dragged through so many focus groups that everyone now wishes Dr Robotnik would just kick him in the balls until he dies. So naturally there was a lot of debate in the office over whether or not Sega's mascot should be included in this list. We decided to eventually stick him on, but as a representative of all the other mind-rotting side characters that have appeared in Sonic games over the years. Charmy the Bee? Piss off.

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