Game Pricing's Happy Spot

Gamasutra: As a gamer, I spend money buying games. Sounds simple. But there's a complex internal calculus of sorts that goes on whenever I want to buy a game. There are inevitably more games out there that I want to play than I will be able to - at least until I win the lottery and don't have to work.

And so I must choose among numerous games, until I find the one that is right for right now. For me, that comes down to a question of value. I want to get the most out of whatever I decide to buy.

It's not just a matter of fun - if a game will only entertain me for 10 hours, I'm not likely to feel it's worth the $60 price tag that this generation of console games come with out of the gate. I'm happy to wait a few months or even a year to play a great game for half that price. That's my pricing happy spot.

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