PM: Ninja Blade Review


"Ninja Blade's graphics are nice; there's a bit of screen tearing but the over-the-top bosses (Slime Helicopter!) are totally worth it. The QTE cut scenes are extremely well directed, and add a nice visceral punch to the action. There are plenty of hidden items and power-ups to find on your roughly 8-10 hour quest, and your achievements will earn you a wide variety of in-game costumes that you can use to make hero Ken look even more badass, or transform him into some sort of ridiculous harlequin ninja. That helps a bit, but Ninja Blade still doesn't have much in the way of replay value. Unless you're really into beating leaderboard times, Ninja Blade is the sort of game you'll plow through once and then sell back to GameStop; there are no deep skill trees or advanced tactics to master a second time around. But don't be surprised if you end up buying it back one day; Ninja Blade is no masterpiece, but it's the sort of campy classic that'll be a blast to revisit with a few friends and a twelve-pack."

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