PM: Monsters vs Aliens Review


"But really, aren't these monsters supposed to be freaks? They are all exceedingly cute; wouldn't it have been better if they made us uncomfortable? I think the script would have been much more effective if we, the viewer, were at first disgusted by the monsters and only came to love them after they redeemed themselves over the course of the story. For instance, let's make them sound totally crazy. For Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., I want to hear Fox News rabble-rouser Bill O'Reilly, and he needs to be completely worked up into a fervor of intolerance. For The Missing Link, I want to hear 50 "Fiddy" Cent at his most unintelligible. I want Maya Angelou for Ginormica, and for B.O.B. the blob, since his physical makeup is the least human, I want an entire chorus of mixed male and female voices, complete with echoes and reverbs and different tonal qualities all going on at once. Sounds crazy, but can you image if DreamWorks did an animated remake of The Elephant Man? They would have made him so cute and loveable that everyone's fearful reaction to him would not make any sense!"

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