Putting horror back into horror titles

Josh Bycer @ Gamasutra: "I've been on this horror genre kick these past 2 weeks between reading about the new Fatal Frame game and a lengthy preview of the Silent Hill remake (more about that further down).

Since then I've started to think about how I would do a true horror title, not my Evil Dead remake idea but a game that is designed to strike fear into gamers. Last night a game idea came to me that I really like and while it's no where near the point that I could reveal it to the public, the design philosophies I have in mind are ready.

1. Horror and Combat don't mix : This week I've been replaying Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube and while it says that the game is psychological horror it's not. The reason is being able to fight everything I see, it's hard to feel scare when I know I can handle anything the game throws at me."

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