Lionhead reveals Fable II's original ending

NowGamer: Fable II didn't always end the way it did in the final cut of the game, as Lionhead's Dene Carter reveals.

"Originally Fable II's ending involved a whole Guild of Heroes.."

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Anon19743394d ago

Easily one of the best games I played last year, but I was a little disappointed by the ending. That and it became pretty repetitive towards the end. I was originally excited by the DLC for the game but after finishing it I had had enough.

locos853394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I really enjoyed the game, but the ending ruined it for me. I was too easy and felt cheated. The whole game getting ready for whatever his name was, only to kill him with one shot. Game was fun but wont go back to it because of that........ and because my guy turned blue and fat. All the damn running and he doesn't loose weight. My guy looks like Beast from X-Men.

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navyguy213394d ago

That ending sounded better than the one we DID see lol, all of that building my character up so i can kill a guy with freakin music box??
Awesome game though lol

Sangria3393d ago

Why my comment has been deleted? Is it forbidden to explain why we didn't like Fable 2 and what we are expecting of Fable 3? u__u