Nintendo forced dialogue changes in Disaster: Day of Crisis, Monolith wasn't happy, more

A voice actor working on Disaster: Day of Crisis has revealed some interesting tidbits regarding a North American release, the relationship between Nintendo and Monolith Software, the script of the game, and more.

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Gam713305d ago

Changed because the yanks aren't happy?

I don't know how many games not just american I've played where I wish they would change the dialogue and more importantly the spelling to English.

Listening to an English person speaking in a game only to have the subtitles spelled with the incorrect american spelling makes the game look slightly amateurish.

This usually comes after the game has been delayed for the PAL region so they could localise it to Europe!?!

Hope we get the correct version as I'm interested in this.

Tsalagi3305d ago

Or they figure no one over the age of twelve cares about a slight variation in the way a word is spelled.

Smacktard3305d ago

Yep, pretty much exactly what 1.1 said.

Gitaroo3305d ago

I think Monolith Soft probably regrated selling their company to Nintendo. Same with Tecmo getting Nintendo to publish the new Fatal Frame.

patterson3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Monolith is comprised of the same people that broke away from Square after making Xenogears.

Then they made the Xenosaga series. Two of my favorite games, so when I heard Nintendo bought them out it was sad day, but hearing news like this gives me hope that they can somehow break out again even if it means starting a new company.