D+PAD: Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Pack Review

D+PAD: The two new maps, then? Not so big, really. Although they initially appear to be of a more intimate nature due to their size, this heightens the tension, ramps up the atmosphere, and increases the sense of panic and urgency. The half a minute sprints back into the action every time you die are at an end, making matches feel all the more immediate.

What also pleases is that the new environments genuinely try to offer something new, rather than just another uninspiring effort that any teen modder could create in an evening. It's undeniably difficult to keep FPS online gaming fresh and the radical evolutions of ranks, perks, unlockable weapons and armour, badges, ribbons and everything else seen in recent years are a testament to that. Alongside the latest patch which added ranks and fixed numerous niggles, these two new maps are, by large, an admirable attempt at keeping players in the Warzone.

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WildArmed3389d ago

it better be good.
and i love them.
Best map of K2:
Vetka Cruiser
Second best:
That train :D

gijsbrecht3389d ago

'Wasteland' is just spectacular. But the Vekta map is also very good; and beautiful.

WildArmed3389d ago

I missed color in the game so I fell in love with Vetka cruiser lol

Socomer 19793389d ago

there are incredible angles on this map. you literally are aiming at everything and it keeps you sharp and on your toes.