Fail: Sony & Microsoft's Dream

Microsoft and Sony's post-2005 attempts to dominate home entertainment through their games consoles has been a failure, writes Colin Campbell.

Both these companies launched the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 with two clear agendas. Firstly to turn a profit and secondly, to shape mass-market entertainment for the next decade; to dominate the living room. You can take a snapshot of both those ambitions; emboss the word FAIL in big red letters, and send it to an amusing website.

Microsoft's one billion consumers - from all demographics - enjoying content via Xbox Live was, and is, a noble dream and certainly worth the punt. The masters of the Entertainment & Devices division, I think, have come closest to imagining the entertainment world of the near future.

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PSP23301d ago

microsoft have failed i agree with that sony i dont think so their main agenda was always pushing bluray and bluray is only now starting to really take off thanks to prices becoming cheaper and new movies coming out day 1 on bluray

paul03883301d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying failed when discussing these 2 consoles. The over-ambitious goal of the Xbox has failed,but the console hasn't, and the good ole PS3, well they're just chugging along. But has the PS3 failed, I don't think so, comparatively, when comparing Xbox sales at the same time period in its life cycle, it's actually doing better...

Only time will tell though.