Interview: Crytek's Cevat Yerli

Developmag: Over the next couple of weeks, Develop will be embarking on a special series of interviews with some of the world's largest and most celebrated independent developers.

Today we start with the Frankfurt-headquartered Crytek, an outfit that boasts a consortium of studios stretching from the UK to South Korea, a workforce pushing 500, and a handful of acclaimed games including the landmark 2007 PC title Crysis.

Of course, labelling Crysis a game from 2007 is akin to calling the mobile phone a device from the eighties. Even today, Crytek's seminal FPS can make heavyweight PCs ache from running its immensely powerful engine.

CEO Cevat Yerli, ever fixated on the future of the industry, speaks to us ahead of his appearance at E3 about the next steps for Crytek's newest engine, its new Free Radicals, next-gen consoles and the recent Pirate Bay ruling.

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