PS3 Attitude Xi guide; Fragments 1-12

PS3 Attitude writes:

"We thought it would be a good idea to write a guide on how to unlock the fragments in Home's popular puzzle game, Xi.

This guide details how to unlock the first twelve fragments.

Before we start, be aware that this guide is full of spoilers so if you want to complete Xi on your own merit, you should stop reading now…"

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Brodiesan3390d ago

Nice to have this. I've completely missed the whole Xi things and, though I still want to try and unlock everything without guidance, this is a handy resource to use if I get "stuck".

DolphGB3390d ago

To be honest, I've not really tried Xi yet.

I've now slapped myself on the wrist for having bypassed it, and will get into it later on. If I need a guide, I now know where to look...