CSM: Patapon 2 Review

Patapon 2 doesn't radically alter the formula of the first game, but instead refines it, adding new abilities, creatures, beats, and a multiplayer mode so that friends can experience the game's beautiful art and innovative play together. There's no need to worry if you missed out on the original; the game's story is more or less self contained, and the first few missions do a good job of acquainting players with the game's idiosyncratic mechanics. What's more, a trio of difficulty levels ensures that players of vastly different skill levels can make their way through the game with equal ease. And while the surprisingly deep warrior customization system might be intimidating to strategy novices, a helpful "optimize" command lets players properly outfit their fighters for each mission with the touch of a single button. In other words, Patapon 2 welcomes back and challenges series veterans while providing an accessible entry point for players who have yet to experience the franchise's delightfully unusual game play.

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