PS3 Sales Up 288 Percent From Last April

Kotaku: "The PLAYSTATION 3 has outsold the Wii for the past two-and-a-half months. That we know. What percentage the Japanese PS3 sales have spiked since the same month last year, that we didn't - until now."

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PSP23359d ago

poor mooks you actually take this console stuff seriously poor mooks

-MoOkS-3359d ago

I'm stating a fact. Get over it.

Socomer 19793359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

you actually research this stuff?
i hope you put the same energy in your schoolwork.
Its kind of depressing if you have no job and failing your grades because youre too busy watching the sales charts of american entertainment.

Im trying to help you. with the power invested in me I pronounce you a gamer. revert and repent ! I strike out the fanboy in you !
feel better now? go my son... play your gears game.

UnSelf3359d ago

considering Mooks is 64 years old, i doubt school and work applies to him. Right Mooks?

kewlkat0073359d ago

not sure about rest of the's been on the decline YOY.

hakis863359d ago

Good for Sony that things are picking up in Japan

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