2K Play reveals Wii exclusive It's My Birthday

There's a whole new market out there ready and waiting for those able to think outside of the box – and seemingly that's exactly what 2K Play has done with its new Wii title It's My Birthday.

The game 'gives savvy mums and dads a complete party-in-a-box' and offers a number of targeted games such as Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Sack Race, Musical Chairs and Cake Stacker.

Several themes for the game are also available so it can be customised for the tastes of the lucky birthday boy or girl – Pirates and Princess are two examples.

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Gr813272d ago

Everyone's got bills to pay.

Venox20083272d ago

i dont know, do I have to laugh or cry...becouse I 'll start to puke of those stupid minigames :) :/ can't they stop?

TruthbeTold3272d ago

But it's a great idea that was bound to be used sooner or later. A kid gets a Wii for is birthday, or already has one, and gets this game to go with it to play with his friends. Then on occasion, something that brought about the happy nostalgia of that day can be somewhat relived by playing the game again.