Console Sales - The Report Card

Analysis of sales data for the Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Playstation 2

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WildArmed3301d ago

*puts flame suit on*

Gr813301d ago

After clicking that link, it seems this battle is long over..For a console that is said by fanboys to be destroying the industry, raw numbers show that it is in fact quite the opposite...

WildArmed3301d ago

that comes with every data comparision.
Fanboy wars! :D

Yay! System X is going down! System X sux!
System Y ftw! Go suc ***** system X followers lol

Gr813301d ago

My mistake..carry on.

Socomer 19793301d ago

Im a playstation 3 man.

Did we win yet ?

im coming to get cha, im coming to get cha, im coming to get cha !

just kidding. I hope no one really takes offense to half the crap I say. You know, i consider myself a very competitive person and I know that these consoles are here to stay for a very long time but i am a gamer and the main reason why im a gamer is because i like to kill you guys online.

so what if im a fanboy too? when it comes to condole wars im sure most of you guys know how sarcastic i am being and how i really just want you all to suck it up and get online with PSN. so i can humiliate you. i really do think it sucks that alot of you dont have the cash right now and its funny to see the denial and excuses of why you prefer a 360 only kind of lifestyle but i dont care about those casuals. I care about that anonymous hardcore xbox360 gamer who sneaks online to play ps3 games. Yes, You.

Im coming to get cha, im coming to get cha, im coming to get cha !

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