Pocket Gamer: Great Legends: Vikings Review

Speak to the leaders of modern religions and they're full of talk about peace, love, forgiveness and charity. But the Vikings knew how to worship. Theirs was a faith in which you savagely sacrificed your enemy for a seat at Odin's table, and no one was concerned about following strict doctrines or discussing the virtues of being virtuous.

You hoofed the unbelievers in their nuts, pillaged their village and called it a day of good, hearty religious observance. And if the Gods didn't like it, then to hell with them.

So it actually makes perfect sense to carve a beat-'em-up from that Norse mythological rock, and GlobalFun has made an impressive effort to bring the ancient pantheon to video gaming life.

Unfortunately, on his journey from the divine to humanity it seems Odin forgot how to have fun.

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