Epic brands Nano.Strike patent talk as "rumor"

Epic president Mike Capps has dubbed talk of a Nano.Strike project from the company as "rumor".

"You won't be surprised when we give you the standard 'we don't comment on rumors or speculation' answer," said the boss via email when responding to our inquiry over recent faceplate and game patents filed for Nano.Strike.

"Sorry. I promise, that is way less fun to say than when I get to talk about the cool stuff we do. And of course, when we have stuff to say, we'll tell ya."

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panasonic233391d ago

wil this be the next big xbox 360 exclusive game.

pixelsword3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

then uses the same type of title style by naming their title nano.strike.

kinda makes me chuckle for some reason.

I dunno why.