Analysis: Layered Gameplay in Disgaea

One of the primary appeals of roleplaying games is their customization. A player can shape her characters and the party as a whole to her specifications, which can support a wide range of gameplay styles.

One player might want a hack-and-slash, action-filled game, and so build characters that are best at dealing and absorbing damage. Another player might prefer a more slow-paced, bag-of-tricks approach, and focus on special abilities like status ailments or techniques that control the flow of battle.

By incorporating this customizability, roleplaying games broaden their appeal. The more variable a play experience is possible in a game, the wider its possible audience.

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maniacmayhem3391d ago

I really wish they would make Laharl the main character again. The other leads were funny but the chemistry between Laharl, Etna and Flonne was classic.

Godmars2903391d ago

You'd almost think that girls play video games...

StephanieBBB3391d ago

And I have to say it's probably the best Rpg after secret of mana that I've ever played.

The game is HUGE! And if I would to discribe it to someone that haven't played it I would say, Imagine Diablo 2 but with traditional Japanese RPG elements. It's awesome!

zoneofenders3391d ago

disgaea was always awesome.......
sadly SRPG is so niche these days...

maniacmayhem3391d ago

I would love to see the next Disgaea's gameplay be similar to Valkyria Chronicles.

SpoonyRedMage3391d ago

I bought Disgaea for the DS last week, it's really good but in my opinion Makai Kingdom is much better.

Laharl is awesome though.