Videogamer: Fallout 3: Broken Steel Review

Videogamer writes: "IMPORTANT NOTICE! The following review contains SPOILERS relating to the ending of Fallout 3. Consider yourself warned.

Everybody loved Fallout 3 for different reasons. Some loved it for its morally ambiguous quest lines. Some loved it for its gruesome VATS system. Some loved it for the Fat Man. Me? I loved it for the world. Fallout 3's post-apocalyptic Washington DC was a joy to explore. It was a joy to survive in. So huge was the city that, even after pumping 90 hours into hunting down as much of its virtual innards as possible, there were still scores of locations on the map yet to be revealed. For me, the Capital Wasteland was the star of the show. From its wonderfully depressing retro-futuristic design to the feeling of dread you get from creeping about the underground Metro tunnels, Fallout 3, perhaps more than any other game ever released, had a truly immersive living, breathing, convincing world."

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Slime3362d ago

Broken Steel is awesome! Poor PS3 owners:)

N4PS3G3362d ago

why poor? I thought they hated DLC, they must be happy they don't have it

dogmeat eater3362d ago

That game got old in 4 hours. Then I traded it in the next day. True story.

Cheeseknight283362d ago

You're one of the few. Congratulations on being different?

sonarus3362d ago

lol what i like about microsoft is how they recycle old games to draw attention away from the fact that they have no new ones. Poor PS3 owners. I bet they wish they could replay the same games:(

Elven63362d ago

Sonarus: Right, because all the Fallout 3 DLC is created by Microsoft and simply a rehash of the first hour of the game....right?

Cheeseknight283362d ago

Yeah, games like LittleBigPlanet clearly aren't being supported anymore.

steck673361d ago

Poor Ps3 owners? What are you talking about. Killzone 2 just released in February and now Infamous is coming out in less than a month. It's you you should be sorry for; bragging about DLC on a game released last October.

sonarus3361d ago

The DLC isn't made by microsoft but hey they paid for it didn't they. Instead of securing new games they have gone on a DLC spending spree.

I'm just saying i would rather take a new game than downloadable content any day:D

Cheeseknight283361d ago

Or you can own both systems, and get exclusives along with DLC.

Nineball21123361d ago

I'll take the high road here.

Congrats to Xbox owners on what appears to be a great expansion pack for Fallout 3.

I personally loved the game and would be happy to have the DLC. I'm a PS3-only owner, so I won't get to play this anytime soon. That's too bad, for me and for Bethesda.

Again, for those who can get this... have fun with it. I wish I could. :-)

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thewhoopimen3362d ago

boohoo. I'm totally devastated over DLC. Are you guys serious? Most people want new IPs, full sequels, and exclusives not DLC...

Elven63362d ago

Gamers just want to play games, only fanboys argue about new ips, exclusives, etc. If DLC will add more content to a game you played why argue?

PS360WII3362d ago

Well I don't mind new IPs, sequels, and what-not but prolonging an already awesome game is just as sweet. Try not to downgrade something good for gamers ^^

That said glad it got a good review hope more come in and I'll be playing this one soon

MrTruth3362d ago

Lost&Damned and this is kickazzz DLC. Poor Fallout3 fans, who have this game on PS3;)

Socomer 19793362d ago

It's not ps3 gamers or Sony's fault that Bethesda just does not want to put the dlc out there for us.
It's not like I'm going to go through the hardship of buying a xbox360 & struggle to maintain it & then pay a monthly bill just to have the expensive oppurtunity to download dlc for fallout 3.
It's just really easy not to care & I don't even see why I should feel hurt. Bethesda short changed themselves because they let some suit from microsoft convince them that ps3 gamers don't buy games.
Who's hurt now? They lost money & respect, great job Bethesda.

PS360WII3362d ago

You can get it on PC if you don't want a 360 :)

I'm not sure why 360 fans are saying poor PS3 fans and vice versa as Bethesda gave full warning were the DLC will go to before the release of F3. People who got it for PS3 didn't want the DLC in the first place then, so no loss really.

Slime3362d ago

Actually, it IS sony's fault there is no DLC for Fallout 3. Sony charges Bethesda per download.

Elven63362d ago

I think it was the Rebel FM podcast who basically said it was because of the PSN infrastructure towards multiplatform games. I don't know how impactful this is since I'm not a developer.

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