New Dragonica Art and EU Closed Beta Dates Announced

gPotato Europe has "a packed schedule of events planned for the ten day Closed Beta" with "plenty of great prizes up for grabs" according to There is also new artwork available for the game.

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kuangtu3394d ago

cool......oh no, closed beta

Leord3394d ago

No worries, it starts in June anyway, so not far off to play it free :)

kerriganss3394d ago

closed betas are hoaxes :(

SCFreelancer3394d ago

For most people they pretty much are huh. The nice part of closed beta's is that you get to play and talk with the devs as well which is usually alot of fun.

AndyA3394d ago

Side-scrolling MMORPG? Interesting.

Leord3394d ago

Yes, it certainly is different :)

Leord3394d ago

I think the premises of the game is really interesting. Has the classic manga characters, but a side-scrolling arcade style mmo instead of the regular large 3D world full of grinding. I wonder if it as much grinding, and if there are new ideas that are cool in it.

Cogo3394d ago

Well, this one doesn;t have one of those annoying styles of graphics at least.

Side scrolling is quite interesting indeed. I'll likely not try the closed beta, but since it's free I wouldn't mind trying it later. I already tried Flyff, that's made by the same guys.

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