Gamereactor: Little King's Story review

Gamereactor has reviewed Little King's Story on Nintendo Wii.

"Little King's Story isn't for everybody, and some people will simply say that there's not enough happening in the game, that the style is too childish and that its charm is too peculiar. Others will find its charm irresistible, the graphical style colorful and happy, and the challenges welcome. Personally I find myself somewhere in between. I certainly would have preferred the game without the grinding, and sometimes what it borrows from other games are a bit too blatant, but I must also admit that my hours spend in Alpoko has sneaked past the 20 hour mark a long time ago. Therefore if the genre appeals to you at all, you should go ahead and give Alpoko, and especially Howser Oreganostein a chance. If for nothing else, when is the next time you will get the chance to encounter a bullknight?"

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