Gears of War 2 Sell Over 5 Million Units Worldwide, Gets All Fronts Collection

"Gears of War 2," the entertainment blockbuster of 2008, has surpassed 5 million copies sold worldwide, and the overall "Gears of War" franchise unit sales have eclipsed the 11 million unit mark. The momentum doesn't stop there – to commemorate these milestones, Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games will unleash the "Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection," a value-packed compilation that combines all previous "Gears of War 2" Game Add-ons with brand new multiplayer and campaign content. Available only at retail, the new collection invades store shelves worldwide on July 28 for $19.99/£14.99/€19.99.

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theKiller3359d ago

they got nothing else to buy this year LOL.

at the same time every minute we hear about new ps3 exclusives and new exclusives being released!!!

bumnut3359d ago

only 2 bubbles left? can't say im surprised.

N4PS3G3359d ago

oh everybody lookout!

The ps3 exclusive with announced release dates are raining!!

user39158003359d ago

And the sony beetches began to cry not fair, I tell you, because its not a good game. Lol................... Yeap thats just a little massage before the main meal before E3 and of course true 3D and whats coming next? Wait I tell you, just bend over Beetches.

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Anon19743359d ago

Great game! Gears 2 and Fable 2 were the only games I bought for my 360 last year and I thought both of them delivered. Gears 2 is one of the few games that got co-op exactly like it should be. Can't wait for the next one.

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Bnet3433359d ago

I have Gears 2, and Horde Mode is a blast, but I was letdown by the competitive multiplayer. It just was too much for me to put up with. Congrats to Epic, here's hoping Gears 3 to be the best. :)

iHEARTboobs3359d ago

The campaign was fun times! I've pretty much skipped out on multiplayer except for Horde. That's where I get my kicks..

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BLuKhaos3359d ago

Congratz to GeOW 2 on doing something MGS4 did,despite being a niche game and being released on the console with the lowest user base,last year.

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Mindboggle3359d ago

Seriously, havent you retards got anything better to do than argue over a sales figure....Its pathetic..

locos853359d ago

Really enjoyed this games campaign. Didn't care too much for the online portion. Hope to see GEoW 3 next year, with new guns.

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ShabzS3359d ago

and relesed on a single console... what the fudge??? WOW!... congrats to epic ... they must be partying like crazy over there!!

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Fox013359d ago

nice to see that the mods are back from wherever they were.

RememberThe3573358d ago

Only for this thread, then they're gone again.

cherrypie3358d ago

Excellent looking DLC, will buy. For a fantastic game, it really deserves to get as much credit as it does.

5M sales is fantastic for a game like this, it is deserved.

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PSP23359d ago

very very niiiiiiiice

shocky163359d ago

Gears Of War is one, if not the biggest new IP franchise this gen with unrivaled graphics, amazing gameplay and AWESOME online.

Karum3359d ago

Agree with everything but the unrivalled graphics part. That part is just silly.

Anon19743359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Because that's certainly true. Gears and Gears 2 are, in my opinion, are the best and best looking games available on the 360. Loved them both. Never cared for the multiplayer, though. Kinda like basketball. "40 seconds - Match Over, Team Scores! 55 seconds - Everyone dead, team scores!" Kinda like online fragging for kids with ADD.

Edit Below - Neither did I.

Karum3359d ago

If that is the case I'd probably agree. But if he means this gen across all platforms then my comment stands.

Didn't click on the disagree button under his comment though.

3359d ago
Anon19743359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I agree, there are other IP's I liked better and I think are better games, but no new IP has caught on this gen like Gears has. There's no taking that away from them. Epic did a fantastic job.
And you can't really throw Wii-Fit in there. Wii-Fit is no more a videogame than my Microsoft Word is, in my opinion.

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pixelsword3359d ago

but I think shocky16 must be talking about unrivaled graphics on the 360, because before the Titan Patch for the PS3, there was an update for UTIII that gave UTIII for the PS3 the same graphical upgrade.

Come to think about it, how would my comment be hate? UTIII and Gears were made by the same people, so it's only confirming the skill of Epic Games that they could make their games look awesome on any powerful console.

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pixelsword3359d ago

Crackdown is a pretty good game, and that didn't break 5 million; not even close, and other games are very well done but aren't considered "blockbusters" by far.

The general consensus in the developer community is that if a game sells over one million, that it's a success; over that in terms of millions (like two or three) make it a blockbuster, so I'll stick to that.

3359d ago
Anon19743359d ago

Obviously, Shocky16 was posting flamebait by claiming Gears has unrivaled graphics because any thinking gamer knows that Gear's graphics aren't unrivaled. You can't disagree with anything else he said - there's no denying that Gears has done amazingly well.

But to make such a bold claim about graphics is just too easy to prove wrong. And when others mentioned sales and review scores into the mix, he updated his post accordingly to counter them.

If you don't agree with him, explain why. Other than classifying WiiFit a game, I don't see anything wrong with his post. He's has a right to his opinion.

maxcer3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

this news story is about a gears of war map pack, not a PS3 vs 360 article/blog. i guess his use of the word "unrivaled" can't be forgiven

leeger3358d ago

this is about gears2 vs uncharted right? \sarcasm

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-MoOkS-3359d ago

Good to see that Xbox 360 owners support their exclusives.

Gears of War - most successful new ip this gen

WildArmed3359d ago

lol what about Wii Fit?

sack_boi3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

WiiFit is a platform.