How is Ghostbusters suddenly a PlayStation exclusive?

Who did Sony call?

Terminal Reality's highly-awaited new Ghostbusters game will be exclusive to Sony's PS3, PS3 and PSP formats, SCEE has confirmed today.

The game was previously to be published by Vivendi, then Atari and has now moved across to SCEE.

Atari, now headed up by ex-SCEE man Phil Harrison, originally obtained the publishing rights for Ghostbusters last October.

The 'exclusive' will be a timed exclusive, with the game making its way to Nintendo Wii, DS and Microsoft Xbox later in the year.

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Foxgod3209d ago

It comes to other platforms later this year.
Sony just wanted to ensure that the game is only available on the ps3 when the blu ray movie launches.

ssipmraw3209d ago

yes, it will be released during a time in which nobody cares about the game any more

thor3209d ago


Foxgod is correct.

The title is very misleading.

Some people poke fun at the 360 for losing exclusives such as Bioshock, which had less of a delay than Ghostbusters. Don't keep contradicting yourselves.

jrsenkbe3209d ago

Isnt Sony supposed to be closing up their game division because they bult a bad system and cant do anything right?

There is a reason SONY was number 1 the last 2 generations and we are seeing they they will become number 1 again. They understand its a marathon not a sprint this gen.

kevnb3209d ago

just had too, sony fanboys have it coming to them.

Trollimite3209d ago

remeber when sony said, "we will put games and movies on the same disc"

that didnt make sense at the time, but now i cant think of anything better.

thor3209d ago

Oh now COME ON.

Are you guys blind, or just retarded? (The people who disagreed with me)

"The 'exclusive' will be a timed exclusive, with the game making its way to Nintendo Wii, DS and Microsoft Xbox later in the year."

They have CONFIRMED that the other versions will come out in 2009. That's LESS TIME DIFFERENCE THAN THE TIMED EXCLUSIVITY FOR BIOSHOCK.

If you think that this is an "exclusive", then so is Bioshock and so are all the other 360 games you discounted because they came to PS3 over a year later.

njr3209d ago

By the time the other platforms release, no one will want it. The movie should be out before then.

50CALheadshot3209d ago

wow, 360 supporters are really mad about this one.

as ilook through the 360s upcoming game release dates, i can see why. theres really not much of anything worthwhile.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3209d ago

"It comes to other platforms later this year."

Is that confirmed or is it fanboy speculation?

Sitdown3209d ago

I have to be honest....I have never heard the argument that you least not to that degree....regarding hardware being a failure and Sony going to have to close shop In addition, you said that Sony realizes this is a marathon and not a sprint for this was it any different last generation......and do you not think Microsoft is doing the same thing? Each generation that Microsoft is apart of and that they gain additional units from the previous generation is a good sign. On the other end of the spectrum, while Sony could eventually make more sales, if they lose users from the previous generation...then by some that can be considered bad.

Just out of curiosity, why do you think Sony was #1 for the last two generations?....and I am assuming, you are speaking more so with regards to systems sold.

whoelse3209d ago

Basically Sony said "We'll sell more copies if you let us publish it and throw in some Ghostbusters movie content which is a Sony film after all.

Hopefully this is a sign of more to come.

lowcarb3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

open zone----------------->
Your theory on 360 not having games announced this year is pure fud. Take some time to actually look at what's out and coming before you make silly claims like the rest of N4G. I bet anything that both PS3 and 360 will both have there fair share of quality games this year.

back on topic: This sucks for non multiplatform owners, but at the same time is ok because it's coming pretty soon.

3209d ago
SiLeNt KNighT3209d ago

cant say that i agree with this. i know FOR A FACT that the ps3 version and 360 version are in development together and are at the same point in development. cant say how i know but i know. this game isnt going to sell systems, let everybody have it at once. its a decently fun game

Silellak3209d ago

"Bots"? Really? Out of curiosity, do you not KNOW the rules of the Gamer Zone, or just don't CARE about them?

BBCnewsrocks3209d ago

only difference is that the game is already announced to be timed exclusive, where as MS plaster the "Only on XBOX" logo on everything.

jwatt3209d ago

I always thought Sony should publish it because it's a Sony movie. So will this be the first Sony publish title to be released on multiple platforms?

maxcer3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

@1.14 smart move by Sony getting a timed exclusive. i dont see why MS and Sony don't do this more often with games that loose publisher support, perfect example is six days in falluja, konami bailed out, perfect for one of them to pick it up as an exclusive game.

BLuKhaos3209d ago

Of course I don't care,rules are for dorks.:)

Beast_Master3209d ago

Ok a few things here... Look Sony probably was approched by Atari to publish the game. They wouldn't first pass on the game when it was originally dropped then comeback and pick up the rights again. Atari probably looked at the situation like this: we are really strapped for cash to properly promote and distribute Ghostbusters. So what we (Atari) should do is go to Sony have them pick up the cost of the PS3 and PSP promotion, make a couple million just to keep the game as a timed exclusive, then we can publish the other versions later.

This is a good move by Phil Harrison and Atari who are probably cash strapped right now. Now Atari gets to make garuanteed money from Sony for the exclusive rights, Sony picks up the Marketing and Distribution cost. while Atari gets to forgo their Marketing and Distribution costs of the game while also collecting a check from Sony to keep the game timed exclusive. Then when they do release the game in the fall they will not have to promote it as much and can rely on the reviews of the PS3 version to push the games sales on other platforms.

Yes Atari will be publishing the other versions at a later time. Sony is just doing the PS side only.

Thugbot1873209d ago

I don't believe making this an exclusive to any system is a smart move. The reason is that the Ghostbuster base, is several years old. I'm 28yrs old and I was a kid when the last GB was made and barely remember it. You also have to remember its a movie based game, while they are getting better its almost for sure going to hurt sells with the bad rep they already have.

Beast_Master3209d ago

No this is not a movie based game. Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd actually pinned a brand new script specifically for this game. Bill Murray even lends his voice to Peter. So this is a brand new story, not based on the movie like wolverine, GI Joe or Transformers, which you are trying to categorize this game as being.

This game will sell well because most parents grew up with ghostbusters and think it is good family entertainment. This title may suprise alot of you hardcore guys. I don't think any of you thought Wii Fit would sell 18 mil+ copies worldwide so maybe you shouldn't underestimate the casual audience.

pain777pas3209d ago

Who else sees motion controls added to this game? If the rumors are right I think that this moves adds up to being a launching pad for the new controller.

velaxun3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

What's the big deal? everyone gets to play it at some point

IdleLeeSiuLung3209d ago

This only applies to Europe, not that it matters anyhow cause I wasn't planning to buy this game in the first place.

"In an exclusive deal for Europe and the PAL regions, the PLAYSTATION(r)3
system and PlayStation(r)2 system versions will launch on June 19th 2009
published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "


Mini Mario3209d ago

I dont know why all the big stories today are on this news. I mean its not like other systems arent getting the game.

Really who cares>???

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demoneyeslaharl3209d ago

lol... wow. Just wow.

2009's gotta be the most surprising, if not most fun, year of the HD console gen.

RedVsBlue3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

If Microsoft let Ghostbusters there is no way they did so without some kind of deal & they get something exclusive in return. Or they will be suing if a contract was messed up

Captain Tuttle3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

So it's a timed exclusive in PAL only? Or is it worldwide?

butterfinger3209d ago

is the real question. I suppose we have to wait for SCEA, MS, or Atari to make a comment about this. This just strikes me a such an odd game for this to happen to.

Beast_Master3209d ago

It wouldn't make sense for a timed exclusive in only the PAL regions, couldn't you just import the game if it where released on time in the US? I know they do timed exclusives for Japan, but that is because of the Language barrier.

GiantEnemyCrab3209d ago

Who you gonna call?

Sony's checkbook!!!!

IcarusOne3209d ago

From the official press release:

"The title will launch on the Xbox 360(r) video game and entertainment
system from Microsoft, Windows(r) PC, PLAYSTATION(r)3 computer
entertainment system, PlayStation(r)2 computer entertainment system,
Wii(tm) and Nintendo DS(tm) in North America on June 16th 2009 and will
be published by Atari Inc."

y0haN3209d ago

So many has for a game you probably won't buy.

So sad.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33209d ago

Ever heard of tristar columbia - they produced Ghostbusters, they're owned by Sony.

Along time ago there was a rumor started that this was going to happen. This game was ready to get axed. Good thing Sony stepped in.

LONEWOLF2313209d ago

Yep yep and since Sony owns Ghostbusters its only fair for them to get the game first HELL MS and Nintendo are lucky that they will even see the game being released for the 360, Wii and DS.

mastiffchild3209d ago

Yep, I got some abuse earier for saying the same kind of thing. Sony, indirectly, owns the film rights and I reckon that they stepped in here for the good name of the IP -if it wasn't(the game) in some kind of trouble(maybe cash flow for Atari)why would Atari not just keep all the profit themselves?

I think it may come out in the wash that something like this is the case and with the BR movie releasing it's a good time for Sony to big up the series. I say this as you'd have thought Sony, owning the rights, would have bought the game rights much earlier if they weren't okay with a multi platform release.