Good Game: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

Good Game: Wolverine is definitely the hardest X-man, but his track history in games hasn't always been great. Now as a tie in to the movie, Xmen Origins: Wolverine stars Australia's very own Hugh Jackman. Jung and Bajo were worried they might not like playing a moviestar version of wolverine, in a game, but he actually adds a lot to the character.

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The Matrix3361d ago

These guys must have played the boss fights over and over because everything inbetween is stereotypical movie-based game fluff. From monotonous fights to lame puzzles. It deserves all the 7s it has received.

FunAndGun3361d ago

Its probably ONE of the best movie to games out there. Everything was pretty solid and the combat mechanics were good.

I still can't believe how brutal the game is coming from a PG-13 movie with a Marvel character. Similar to a GoW without chains.