Sony press releases Ghostbusters capture

VG247: Sony just confirmed by press release that it's to publish the PlayStation platform versions of Ghostbusters in PAL territories.

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Kimokima3277d ago

This one has the official Press-Release!!!

RedVsBlue3277d ago

Wow the Europeans & Pal Regions does get screwed

BYE3277d ago

Most of them already have the right console anyway.

Captain Tuttle3277d ago

So timed exclusivity in PAL only it would seem. Atari is still publishing in NA. Although until Atari comes out and confirms I guess we should assume it's a timed exclusive in North America as well.

Jeff2573277d ago

Yeah I dont much care about it being exclusive in Europe sicne Im in the US. I would expect the news to be the same here as well but without confirmation its up in the air right now. Still makes since for Sony to do this with the Blu Ray of Ghostbusters coming out at the same time. They will no doubt use this to try to sell more PS3s but without a price drop the PS3 wont fly off shelves the way they would hope.

mrlahey3277d ago


I agree it does make some sense for them to release the game around the movie. If thats the case, it might be good if they bundle the movie and the game together ala Stranglehold.

butterfinger3277d ago

a price drop is more likely to hit before this game comes out since E3 is right before it's release date, but that doesn't confirm anything. I don't really see why Sony did this (I get the blu ray thing, but still). I wonder if this is a new plan put in place by the new head of SCEE. I guess we will have to wait for a statement from SCEA to see whether or not it will be a timed exclusive here. Either way, I'll be buying the blu ray day one, and maybe this after a demo. Seriously, if Sony was going to open up the pocket book and buy a timed exclusive third party title, couldn't they have picked something better like Resident Evil 5 or Street Fighter IV?

TheMART3277d ago

Hah Eurodeal only. Lets hope the USA version is region free. If not its 3 months wait.

Totally other deal then FFXIII, Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5, GTAIV and all those other biggies.

dylantalon3277d ago

i think i read somewhere that ghost busters on the ps3 was suppose to use some of the SPUs, and if that is the case, we all know which version would be superior, the wii version, lol. i dont want to upset fanboys by saying the ps3 but people should already know why uncharted , killzone 2 and a lot of ps3 exclusives make games on other consoles look like last gen games.

ghost busters actually looks good the last time i watched a video about the gameplay and i know that the game has way more potential to look stunning if they use the cell chip broadband in the ps3 and make more use of the blu ray disc capacity. PS3 IS THE FUTURE AND THE FUTURE IS PS3

ps. the talon stands for talented

butterfinger3277d ago

Do you really think that they are developing Ghostbusters specifically for the PS3 now? I hope you don't, because they are probably already just about done with most of the versions of the game. If anything, the 360 version might receive some exclusive content or free DLC for having to wait.

mboojigga3277d ago

You have no clue what you are talking about

Kushan3277d ago

You belong in the OpenZone. And you're not Talented. You can't even tell the difference between TalON and TalEN.

butterfinger3277d ago

I have 3 disagrees while dylantalon has 6 agrees proves one of two things:

1. DylanTalon is a multiple account holder (likely)
2. PS3 fanboys are really THAT immature. (more likely)

cmrbe3277d ago

3. People just don't agree with you.

Unless offcourse you think that you are always 100% correct all the time and people always agree with you 100% of the time.

butterfinger3277d ago

I KNOW that I am 100% correct in thinking that they are not developing the Ghostbusters game to the PS3's potential. I KNOW that they will not use the full blu ray disc, and it is probably a port of the 360 version. If you are too hurt to see that, then you are just as blind as the rest. I also KNOW that I am not right 100% of the time and people won't agree with me 100% of the time, but it's hilarious to see people like you disagree with facts. Where does your fanboyism end and your common sense begin?

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