AFL and NRL Games Coming To PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Australia today announced that two of Australia's biggest sporting codes are coming exclusively to PSP in July. AFL Challenge and Rugby League Challenge are both officially licensed, with every team and every player recreated for the games. Both titles are being developed by Melbourne-based studio Wicked Witch Software. The games come about as a result of a joint venture between Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and the Sydney-based distributor HES.

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40cal3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I just might have to import AFL. I haven't caught an Australian Rules Football game in about 10 years. West Coast Eagles fan since 1983.

Gam713386d ago

If they made an SL game I would definitely get a PSP.

Nah I think I'll play this on an emulator.

gaminoz3386d ago

Awesome! There hasn't been a NRL game since NRL 2 on Xbox and PS2. Though I can play that on the 360 thanks to backwards compatibility, if it's any good on PSP I'll be getting this.

seventeensix3386d ago

We need to have some local content to keep PSP relevant to Aussies especially those of us who spend big bucks on being involved in footy etc. I never thought I'd see this on PSP but if this happens it won't last long on the shelves I'm sure of that - in my house there will be at least 2-3 copies being bought so GOOD MOVE SCEA!!!!