Best games of 2009, so far

MyGaming takes a look at some of the best games to have come out of 2009 so far according to Metacritic.

The list includes PC, XBox 360 and PS3 games.

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WildArmed3309d ago

i own the top 5 games they get owned by RE5.
RE5 is the best game so far 4 me :D (09)

Myst3308d ago

From this list I have quite a few, but I certainly wanted to try Dawn of War II

callahan093308d ago

Scoring the showing for each platform, where a 10th place showing is worth 1 point and a 1st place showing is worth 10 points, etc:

1) PS3 w/ 8 games @ 42 points
2) 360 w/ 7 games @ 28 points
3) PC w/ 4 games @ 25 points

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The story is too old to be commented.