Breaking News - Sony to Publish Ghostbusters

The news came late in the Sony event at Sydney and it's big; the implications are even bigger.

The Sony event in Sydney is still rolling on but in espionage-like movements that would put Sam Fisher to shame, the Gameplayer staff have managed to get more breaking news through. This particular announcement was left until the end, and with good reason; it's huge.

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gambare3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

"If this turns out to be the case it would mean that only the PS2 and PS3 would receive the game, while the Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PC would be left in the dark."

or they could publish the game and gain royalties from the other companies/platforms or the old timed exclusive stuff.

WildArmed3388d ago

since this game was already a multiplat
i dont think they'll cut off revenue for the stuff they already have by making it a permanent exclusive

NachosWithCheese3388d ago

Ouch. That's some nasty speculation there. Imagine the big Soft having to pay Sony... haha.

TheExecutive3388d ago

either that or they will delay it, tune it up and then let er fly.

FamilyGuy3388d ago

It's Ghostbusters.
Im must be out of the loop on this one, the wii version was already announced and said to have good but cartoony style graphics compared to the PS3 and 360 versions of the game.

It's multiplat and if this is true sony gets a win win but how well do you all think this will sell in the first place? It hasn't sold me yet...

SuperM3388d ago

Well it certainly wont be exclusive to sony platforms. But who knows, maybe timed exclusive. But tbh i dont think it means anything at all. However i heard long time ago that Ghostbuster was supposed to get exclusive content on the PS3.

Pandemic3388d ago

It's now confirmed, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is now a Timed Exclusive for the Playstation consoles.

Quote: An Atari spokesperson has told MCV that non-PlayStation platforms will indeed see the Ghostbusters Video Game by the end of 2009.

Anon19743388d ago

I imagine this close to the game being released the damage is done though. Still, I've got pretty high expectations for this game from what I've seen.

DaTruth3388d ago

Sony pays for timed exclusivity is the real title. first line: Is Sony finally going the MS route by paying for timed exclusives.

This could be big, as ghostbusters 3 is exclusive to gaming media, Ghostbusters 3 is part of this and could make people buy it just for the story.

Leio3388d ago

To above" No

Sony dont pay for timed-exclusive ...ever!

Harrison is still Sonys good pal thats your reason

INehalemEXI3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

thats better :D stay puft yall

KWBAWLS fading em all

why stay puft got that o face....? Never thought about it before. bad, Bad marshmellow.... bad.

Tito Jackson3387d ago will be a timed exclusive, like Pandemics link shows.

no point in losing out on cash.

Veneno3387d ago

I wonder if Atari will return the favor with some exclusive games?

gameplayer3387d ago

it's only exclusive in europe though... Sony should have secured worldwide timed exclusivity... looks like a good game.

evilmonkey5013387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

edit: after more research, this game is only being published in europe by sony. Atari is still publishing the game for the united states.Atari will publish non sony systems in the fall of 2009 for europe.

Aquanox3387d ago

Exclusive only in Europe.

Sorry guys.

SaiyanFury3387d ago

Interesting news. Considering that Columbia made the Ghostbusters movies, and since Sony owns Columbia/Tristar...

likedamaster3387d ago

"Exclusive only in Europe."

This is old news. Sega is still publishing Ghostbusters for North it will come to 360 here in the States. All in all, it's still a smart move by Sony to publish this game for Europe where it has the only advantage outside of Japan. A deal was penned and "published by Sony" is just another way of paying for exclusivity even if it's just in Europe. My 2 pennies.

IdleLeeSiuLung3387d ago

Timed Exclusive in Europe Only. Does anyone really care about this game?
This only applies to Europe, not that it matters anyhow cause I wasn't planning to buy this game in the first place.

"In an exclusive deal for Europe and the PAL regions, the PLAYSTATION(r)3
system and PlayStation(r)2 system versions will launch on June 19th 2009
published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "


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WildArmed3388d ago

You didnt get much sleep now did ya?

Foxgod3388d ago

Ever occured to anyone that the 360 and nintendo versions can have different publishers ?

Even EU, JP and USA versions of a game, often have different publishers.

Polluted3388d ago

Yeah, that's what I was saying in my comment below. Microsoft has been known to publish titles for the 360 that end up on other platforms. Sony has never gone that route so far, but there's a first time for everything.

No Way3388d ago

Agreed. It's happened before, and I can see it happening with this game, too.

WildArmed3388d ago

I dont think I've seen a ps3 game with MS publishing
(btw my topic is a question, its not rhetorical.)
I do know they publish PC/360.. but they own both windows and 360.

Polluted3388d ago

@SKV: Well there was Vampire Rain. That was MS published, then the title "Altered Species" was tacked on and it showed up on PS3. Braid was MS published (I think) and it's on Mac now and likely headed for other non-MS platforms. Ninja Gaiden 2 was MS published and it's going to PS3 with a slight name change. There may be one or two others.

Basically it's not common, but it can happen. Also, as Foxgod says, you'll frequently see deals where a game will have two or more different publishers, one for each territory.

Publishing usually means exclusivity, but sometimes it just means printing off a few discs and getting a few extra dollars for each copy sold.

WildArmed3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I see.
Never noticed those.
But it makes sense now.
Ty 4 the examples.

If im wrong, correct me;
but weren't all those games for the most part timed exclusives too?
so its possible 4 Sony to go that route?
(yes i am clueless as i sound lol)

Polluted3388d ago

Yeah, they were timed exclusives and at least two of them required a name change in order to legally be published on other systems. All it really proves is publishing does not = exclusivity. As for timed exclusivity, etc, who knows. It wouldn't be surprising. If they're publishing, they probably slid a few dollars to the devs to help finish the game. Maybe in return they asked for a few months exclusive time? It's possible.

WildArmed3388d ago

Not really looking 4ward to GB anywayz.
Hopefully they'll be a demo.

Expy3388d ago

Sony (Pictures) owns the Ghostbusters name, so they gain royalties from anything using the Ghostbusters name. Since SCE has a say and is publishing it for PS3/Ps2/PSP I'm pretty sure SCE and Sony Pictures are in discussions.

Different publishers is possible, but the one who has the last say is Sony Pictures.

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Polluted3388d ago

Hmmm...interesting news, considering that ALL versions of the game must be pretty much complete at this point. Given the amount of money the devs have already poured into the Xbox and wii versions, I'd say Sony is probably going to be publishing the game on Sony platforms only. This doesn't necessarily mean it won't come out on any other platforms, just that they'll need separate publishers to do so.

There's not a chance in hell Sony will publish the game for wii or 360, but it seems almost as unlikely that the devs would just toss out the other versions of the game unless Sony cut them one helluva big cheque.