Sony Announces Vidzone Service for PS3 (Pre-E3)

Australia, May 6, 2009 - As part of Sony's Pause event in Sydney, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced a new service coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 - Vidzone. The new service is an optional download that places a new icon on the cross-media bar (XMB), allowing access to a massive number of music videos on demand.

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WildArmed3270d ago

Eu and Australia got it..
now .. US please?
This sounds reaally cool.
can't wait 4 E3 :D

FamilyGuy3270d ago

That's friggin awesome.
I download music videos (because youtube still looks like crap to me) and play them when we have a good number of guess over, this is nice feature, hope it come stateside.

Omegasyde3270d ago

If anything, Australia (and "kiwi" Islands) should of gotten a video store instead like the US.

Americans won't be missing out since you can always open up the Ps3 web brower, go to, and type in music video title.

Omegasyde3270d ago

"The service itself, which is listed under 'music' on the XMB as a small TV set with a 'Z' in it, is free to all PS3 owners who choose to install the application. However, revenue appears to be generated from ad placement within the browser window. "

Wow, Sony might break even sooner than expected on consoles.


WildArmed3270d ago

to listen to VidZone while in game according to Mac and his source (its below).
So I want it too :D
Otherwise i can always loginto my Auzzie account and d/l it lol

uie4rhig3270d ago

or does it look like Sony has bought VidZone over completely rather than just making an exclusive contract? coz when it was announced for the first time i went to vidzone's website, and i could watch clips.. now all i see is random pictures of artists in one of their songs..

have i missed something?

villevalorox3270d ago

i sure hope the us gets this. or at least get it through an aue psn account.

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Cyrax_873270d ago

I'm still pissed about infamous not coming out till June down here though. Damn Australia!

WildArmed3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

hey hey hey xD
Australia is awesome!
I spent my better part of my life there.
*good o'd days* ^^

yup, all the kewl ppl live in Melbourne xD
Sydney and Cambridge are overrated.

-EvoAnubis-3270d ago

Dude, just be lucky it's even coming out at all down there. I'm still kinda shocked your government hasn't banned Scrabble.

mattnz3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Nice piece of international awareness. Down with Michael Atkinson, what a nob he is.

-EvoAnubis-3270d ago

Wake me when something interesting gets announced.

WildArmed3270d ago

well. take a 1 month nap ^^
E3 is the time when u really wanna be awake

-EvoAnubis-3270d ago

Man, then I'll be awake and firing on all cylinders. It's gonna be hell trying to cover that event, but it'll be worth it. After it's all said and done, though, I'm sleeping for a week.

WildArmed3270d ago

I think i might join ya ^^
(ofc u still gotta go sleep in YOUR room) lol

Cyrax_873270d ago

Melbourne nightlife FTW.

McRad3270d ago

All I want them to do is to make custom soundtracks mandatory like trophies. Apparently you'll be able to use Vidzone ingame unless that has changed.

WildArmed3270d ago

I highly doubt that.
Since VidZone is primarly a music video service, not a mp3 streaming service.
Music videos while playing games?
Take that with a grain of slat

McRad3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago ) Hah that's where I got it from. ..Reeve's isn't there anymore but who knows. Either way I always take things with a grain of salt, which is why I didn't speak with an absolute. ..still don't have Home video streaming :D

WildArmed3270d ago

knowing Sony, they'll Leave it up to the developers to implement it..
like ingame screenshots.. youtubing..custom music.. and EVEYRTHING else..
The developers have to put their own time into it.. instead of Sony giving them a common code to work with >_>

.. i may be wrong (hopefully i am, i want to listen to music with any game on ps3. My 360 does dat already.. but since i have lil' space on it I dont dump songs on there.. shoulda got a bigger HDD)

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