FF XI's Community Team Goes On a Podcast Tour

The Final Fantasy XI community team members are going on a virtual tour, stopping by each of the major podcasts to answer some questions and get in-depth with what they do on the long running fantasy MMO.

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Gun_Senshi3363d ago

Square-Enix destroyed FFXI by not taking care of ecnomony and destroying balancing.

It was my favorite MMO...until Treasures of Aht Urgat, which ruined the game.

End game, RDMs and SAMs only. Merit Parties, 5 SAM 1 RDM. Get lvl 1-75 in 1 Week in ToAU Areas but getting exp chain 100+


robotnik3363d ago

I loved the 4 monk parties in Kings Ramperre's Tomb killing Spartoi Warriors. I don't play anymore, but I doubt that anyone uses that camp.

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