GT300 to feature 512-bit interface - nVidia set to continue with complicated controllers?

BSN: "The rumor mill about the upcoming nVidia GT300 GPU is set to continue. It looks like our sources aren't satisfied with leaked information. As every rumor out there, even if it originates from us, take rumors with a hefty grain of salt.

According to Hardware-Infos, nVidia decided to stick with 512-bit memory controller for the GT300 architecture. If that unconfirmed information is true, this would mean that nVidia has a playing field of eight 32-bit memory controllers connecting to multiple 32-core clusters for a total of 512-cores [or Quincent-Duodec Core, if we would continue from Dual-, Quad-, Sexa-, Octa-… cores ;-].

512-bit GPU connected to 1-2 GB of GDDR5 memory at 1000 MHz QDR [Quad Data Rate]- we are looking at memory bandwidth of 256GB/s per single GPU, more than dual-GT200b GPU in the form of GeForce GTX295 [896-bit x 1GHz DDR = 224 GB/s]. That would be a conservative estimate, but given the development of GDDR5 memory, if the GT300 chip ends up connected to GDDR5 memory at 1050 or 1150 [alleged 5870/5870X2 clocks] - we are looking at memory bandwidth anywhere between 268.8-294.4 GB/s.

If overclocking-friendly vendors such as EVGA, BFG, Gainward or XFX overclock the cards to let's say 1180 ot 1200 MHz QDR [4.7-4.8 GigaTransfers/second, GT/s or "GHz"], first DirectX 11 GPUs will exceed 300GB/s of bandwidth per single GPU!

512-bit GPU with 512 cores… if these numbers are true, we're looking at one beast of a GPU."

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Kakkoii3273d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see these next generation GPU's from Nvidia and ATI.