X-Play: Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2 Review

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon may not fit on a t-shirt, but the game packs in more content than most next-gen RPG's. While it may not convert any of the role-playing non-believers any time soon, this demon collecting game is everything a good sequel should be with more content, improved combat, and everything players loved about the first one.

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KKanjiAnkh3361d ago

I am ready to GO, Day 1, Atlus is like Godzilla on Monter Island, wreckin $h!t, every which way they turn.

I also can't wait for their PS3 project

Go you anti thesis to Square Enix Go!

McRad3361d ago

Atlus has really been outdoing themselves lately. Squenix has dropped the ball these past few years and Atlus has slowly but surely been picking it up. Personally I've always found their games more enjoyable than anything SE has produced (sans Xenogears and Vagrant Story), ESPECIALLY anything that's somehow tied to the Megaten universe.

But their quality in gameplay, customer loyalty, and wicked sweet killer preoder bonuses are top notch. My Devil Summoner 2 is preordered and I can't wait until next week.

akiraburn3361d ago

I already have my copy pre-ordered, and am very stoked for this. Between this and inFAMOUS releasing close to one another, I'll be busy for quite a while.

And I have to agree, Atlus really has been putting in an even more significant effort to pick up. I am really interested to see if their next project really is an effort bringing the SMT to PS3. That would be majorly snazzy.

wanderofys3361d ago

Can't wait to get my Raiho plushie :)

ceedubya93361d ago

start releasing these games on next gen console? Thank goodness my PS3 is the 60 gig....

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