X-Play All Access Preview: Lost Planet 2

Get an early look at the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Lost Planet 2 from Capcom. Kenji Orguro and Jun Takeuchi talk about the game's improvements, co-op mode and leveling system.

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green3210d ago

This is a complete overhaul and rethink of the Lost Planet franchise and one from what i can see will pay off massively.The graphics are amazing and the co-op features are very impressive.

I can imagine playing this game on XBL and hearing people scream "SHOOT THE HEAD", "NO NO, RUNNING INSIDE AND RIP IT'S GUTS OUT".

La Chance3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

the LO and it was a decent game

If they manage to get all those improvements in the game game will be excellent.

The graphics are phenomenal and just shows how stupid it was (doesnt surprise me when you know who were the ones claiming that, they are used to talking crap then look like idiots afterwards,its like a never ending cycle) to think the 360 is maxed out.

TheHater3210d ago

That the PC build La Chance. In fact no previews so far was of the xbox 360 build of the game.
Don't believe me? Then I guess you will believe since they actually played the game.
Check the second to last paragraph. "Our demo was run on PCs, though the team told us it was running on Xbox 360s back in the studio"

I did not murder him3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

There is no such thing as the PC version of the game they showed the 360 build of the game running on the PC because they develope games on PC with console dev-kits. Capcom has said they have the game running on 360's back at the studio when they showed the 360 build running on the PC for preview. Don't make me post the proof.

"Our demo was run on PCs, though the team told us it was running on Xbox 360s back in the studio"


*grabs Mouth*

SRU96003210d ago

Can't wait to see this in person, on my own HDTV.

The graphics look awesome, based on the few videos I've seen of it so far.

FamilyGuy3210d ago

is looking 10 times better than the original.
I want it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Whoa, guys.

Let's back up for a second here.

Lost Planet 2's graphics look about as good as Lost Planet's graphics. I still think Gears of War 2 looks much better than this.

Show me some screenshots or a video or something...because I don't know what you guys are smoking.

EDIT: You guys!!! Lols... I said "screenshots or a video"...not disagrees! Oh, you...


FamilyGuy3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I have to admit, that made me LOL.

kewlkat0073209d ago

Did they fix the fall down animation?

In LP1, that was aggravating and slow getting knocked down. Another game that aggravated me when knocked down was "Folklore".

The game dos look fluid, it was a little stiff as well in LP1.

CAPCOM still my favorite Dev all time.

pixelsword3209d ago

It looks good, but I think I will wait until I can get it in my hands before I make a final judgment; like a demo or something. The first one looked pretty great, so the second one should have a graphics jump; it's only logical.

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KKanjiAnkh3210d ago

Monster Hunter w/ Mechs, pure and utter carnage, I,m glad Capcom is going in the right direction w/ this.


I did not murder him3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Don't add PC to channel no other versions have been announced.

Has anybody noticed this game jumps graphically by leaps and bounds really fast. The first footage revealed on XBL had the boss fight with no weather and physics effects plus no foliage that interacted with what I mentioned. The video's released later on had weather and force inertia physics with the newly added foliage. Outstanding whats next people.

older 5:00 - 5:13


I did not murder him3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Don't pay attention to the difference of video quality of the two videos, the builds of the older and newer versions of the game are my point. The oder build is clearly missing environmental effects the newer build has.

Its really easy to see on a huge ass Sumsung LCD in HD. The first video is clearly older and the devs seem to be boasting the new Multi Thread(MT) Framework 2.0 not even needing to show the most recent build at any given time.

Sky Zero3210d ago

This is exclusive!?

Wow I didn't know that.

That's pretty damn cool tho Jun Takeuchi using his mind to full potential with an IP that is experimental.

Lost Planet had much potential and he seems to be the guy that can fill in those gaps and turn LP into an established IP and one well known in the gaming communities.

Great stuff. Can't wait for this game.

I did not murder him3210d ago

Somebody said otherwise?

Maybe you?

Sky Zero3210d ago

What are you talking about?

Sky Zero3210d ago

Well considering the first was multiplatform and Capcoms no more exclusives quote.

One could safely make the assumption that Lost Planet2 wasn't exclusive...

So NO no one said otherwise.

And NO it wasn't me.

I did not murder him3210d ago

When considering this when considering that MGS was on XBOX.

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Polluted3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Xbox exclusive, eh? When did that happen?

Edit: Somebody disagrees with my question. Allow me to rephrase in a manner that's sure to please everyone:

Xbox exclusive, eh? Neat! When did that happen?

I did not murder him3210d ago

Sorry when devs say they are making a game for one console and they say that it could come to another console some day is not confirmation of a multi platform release.

Polluted3210d ago

Fair enough. At least it's an answer...albeit a hostile sounding one. I just haven't been following this title until just now. Guess that makes me a troll or something.