No Final Fantasy XIII Bluray Demo in the West wrote "He said: "The type of demo version we released in Japan, we currently have no plan of doing that abroad, partly because we are going to carry on with the project alongside the Xbox version, so we really can't just make it available only for the PS3."

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slave2Dcontroller3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

little deal between SE and MS is gonna "possibly" cause SE to lose some doe in the end. With the knowledge of Japan having the demo included with their BR SKU and U.S. and EU territories being stripped of it, theres no way in f'n hell that I would even think about buying OR rentinting FF;AC.

If they would have included the demo it would've been a day 1 purchase for me but since SE has pretty muched f'd me/us(for those who feel like wise), I feel its only right to F them. Take that movie and shove it up your arses SE. I aint buy'n it.

Just hurry up and get that scaled back FF13 out the studio bc it still looks pretty sweet. XD

La Chance3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

that theyre focusing on getting the 360 version done and taking into account both 360 and ps3 gamers for the demo.

And I still havnt a single multiplat game that performed a lot better on the PS3.The 2 or 3 multiplats out of the hundreds this gen that run better on PS3 were 99,99% identical to the 360 version.

360 version for me day one!!

Panthers3364d ago

I wouldnt buy a movie for a demo that should be free in the first place. I will probably get FF ACC because I have never seen it, and the demo doesnt bother me the slightest.

mastiffchild3364d ago

La chance-All miltis are 99.9% identical these days. If they weren't they'd be upsetting half their custom base.

Plus I'd wait to see how many discs this is on on the 360 before making that choice as if it's four or five the price could well be a bit higher on said platform-without the annoyance of loading multiple discs.

Omegasyde3364d ago

If you own both consoles and FF13 has no online functionality and Versus 13 will be a PS3 exclusive..

1-4 discs vs 1 blu-ray.

Oh I forgot to factor in Stealth Fanboy Logic, you don't have a PS3.

Hellsvacancy3364d ago

Ill find a torrent 4 FF:AC-C

Mayle3364d ago

Usually I put some thought into which system to get a multi platform game for but this is a no brainer...Lead System, Blu-Ray, and what if it connects to VS or Agito somehow

Genesis53364d ago

I really hate Microsoft for doing this. It doesn't make me want to buy any of their products, that's for sure.

Grown Folks Talk3364d ago

my controller preference for the 360 doesn't really come in to play. I'll get the PS3 version. On a side note, Mayle, that avatar hurts my heart. BOOMER SOONER!

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nightelfmohawk3365d ago

No demo = no purchase for the U.S. version for me. I do want the movie and all, but I mostly want the demo. Plus, it'll be cool to have the Japanese version as part of my collection. To hell with M$. I'll get the demo.

I'll also be importing Demon's Soul if a NA release isn't announced at E3. I'm debating on importing Siren Blood Curse too.

Game13a13y3364d ago

this little dirty deal is getting out of hand, now no one can enjoy the demo in North America courtesy of microsh!T. since they want a simultaneous release on both platforms, they are probably holding the PS 3 demo back, thanks for ruining the fun MS.

Bebedora3364d ago

Mr T ! Now that's a rolemodel to look up to! Ahh, what a flashback. Thanks for that avatar.

tawak3364d ago

damn i want demon soul too but its too way expensive to import than
the last time i import siren

GUNS N SWORDS3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

so rather than making a demo for the west they would rather proceed to getting the actual game done.

how could any say or think that that's a bad idea, there's still to much hate manifesting about the multiplat decision SE made.

UltimateIdiot9113364d ago

There would be no need to invest more time in making the game multiplat if it wasn't multiplatform. Then they could have released a demo.

Microsoft Xbox 3603364d ago

This game doesn't matter in the west anyway.

La Chance3364d ago

You got to be crazy dude. You live in a cave or something...?

SonyRulz3364d ago

With more than 1/3 of the franchise's sales coming from the U.S., the West means NOTHING. :o

Critical_Hit3364d ago

I wouldn't say it doesn't matter in the west, but JRPGs are a dying breed indeed. I'm actually expecting Mass Effect 2 to sell better on 360 in the west than FFXIII. But only time will tell.

LeShin3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

The fact that FFXIII is multiplatform is the reason why it won't be outsold by Mass Effect 2 in the west. Just wait and see how many Japanese gamers are going to buy the PS3 version alone.

I played the demo at my friends house last week. The graphics alone $hit on every single rpg made this generation! The battle system is pretty unique, team combo's, air juggles, constantly changing's pretty cool. The use of surround sound is brilliant! I was just walking around the battle field, admiring Lightnings character model when a spaceship in a middle of a dogfight, just flew very fast overhead and I nearly spilt my drink lol

Now if I only knew what the hell was going on lol

Critical_Hit3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

What I meant was that the 360 version of FFXIII (i.e. ONLY the 360 version as in NOT INCLUDING the PS3 version) will be outsold by the 360 version of Mass Effect 2. And what I'm basing this on is that WRPGs sell better than JRPGs in the west this gen thus far, at least from the 360's point of view.

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Quickstrike3364d ago

Microsoft, the cancer of gaming

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