What Would Life Be Like Without Achievements?

From the feature article:

"What would gamers do if achievements suddenly disappeared? That is a question that, I'm sure, runs through everyone's head at some point in time. To most 360 gamers now, achievements are an everyday thing. Some people are even addicted to collecting these digital points as if their life depended on it. Others just look at them as a meaningless add-on and play the game they bought, instead of focusing on the size of their number. But what if, one day, the achievements suddenly disappeared? What if Microsoft made an executive decision to permanently delete all achievement points and make it like the old days?"

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Valkyrie833277d ago

Even though I feel bad about saying it I really enjoy adding to my 360 achievement score (just passed 50,000 last week) but the PS3 trophies haven't gripped me like they have some (my brother is obsessed with them), great addition to gaming in general....nice article!

UltimaEnder3277d ago

Ya, not sure Sony has caught up with Microsoft when it comes to the reward program for playing the games on their system....look at achievements, exclusive DLC, timed demos, etc....good enough for me!

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

Hmmmm... ::reads topic::... it'll probably be the same like nothing's happened. Just no more fanboys having a pissing contest.

UltraMafia3277d ago

i add real life achievements to my life all the time. i enjoy trophies, i enjoy achievements, i enjoy wow achievements, i enjoy steam achievements, do i really care? no but still cool. good read btw, i enjoy stuff liket his.

Kakkoii3277d ago

Less raging fanboys.

It wasn't to many years ago that achievements didn't really exist. So it's not hard to imagine.

WildArmed3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

thats what i was thinking.
I believe I still played and loved games LONG before the xbox came out.
Note: I said xbox, not xbox 360.. so im not taking a shot @ 360 >_>
I might be wrong, but I think xbox had achievemtns..
feel free to shoot me for being wrong ^^

n to the b3276d ago

original xbox did not have achievements. that 'rewards' system began with the 360.

Valkyrie833276d ago

It may not have been many years ago but it is VERY hard to imagine gaming without some sort of point reward system, it has just become such an integral part of today's gaming society I'm not sure how things would go if it was taken away; everyone's gamerscore wiped clean? WOW the chaos!

Sitdown3276d ago

achievements have been around for a while....Microsoft just brought more attention to it...sort of. But back in the day, achievements brought special items and stuff in the they mostly just recognize your accomplishments with little to no gifts. Remember beating mario and the gumbas were about Super Mario and getting the different theme?

n to the b3276d ago

achievements will never go, they're a natural extension/evolution of the online experience. any online gaming stats-tracker is, at its core, the same thing as the achievements system. and we're only more and more likely to see such a system incorporated into our gaming system(s) as online connectivity becomes more and more mainstream.

pixelsword3276d ago

Insomniac did; If I'm not mistaken, it was in all of their Ratchet and Clank games, and went far back as Spyro the dragon.

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spectyre3277d ago

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I only clicked on the link to see the chick.

PepperJack3277d ago

i'm no achievement whore but i do think it makes the game that little bit better when you unlock one so i wanna see em stay

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