The 10 Hottest PSP Games of 2010

"Ah, the PSP, the redheaded stepchild of portable gaming. Well, you'd think so judging by the way it's been treated, not least of all by its parent, Sony. They were happy to give the thing a spot of minor cosmetic surgery (freckle removal like 'Our Nic' perhaps?') but when it comes to software of late there have been more tumbleweeds lolloping across the release schedule than John Wayne ever saw – and possibly shot at, danged varmint things – in his entire life home on the range.

With rumours of a UMD-free PSP on its way possibly sooner rather than later muddying the waters as to just what format these will be available upon when/if they eventuate, most of these titles have been promised for late 2009/early 2010. But the PSP 2 and its eventual arrival in Australia could throw them well back. Either way, here are 10 you should definitely get excited about…"

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Mayle3387d ago

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep...with a trailer at the end for Kingdom Hearts 3 (not on the wii)