GT: Final Fantasy XIII Combat Revealed Pop-Block

Flip the script and decode Lightning's combat maneuvers!

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FamilyGuy3277d ago

informative, I already read most of the stuff it explained though but this visual tutorial/explanation is a lot easier to understand.

The beginning was cute.

djaparatic3276d ago

its not true that turn based battles are boring or stupid. Its more complex and hard to get it if you are player like this lan _di. they expect from game to be dumb and easy, just want adrenaline pumping while smashing controller clicking one button. Which is no surprise cause we are living in a world where time is money, and people just dont have so many time to play games, they expect easy and familiar way of beating game. I never liked hack and slash because its dumb and boring. yeah it may be fun for one hour but crashingthe buttons for 70+ hours is insane and linear, thats why i didnt like FFXII, its battle system may be fluid but its STUPID, 5 year old could play that game, no thinking, no controlling its like system is battleing for you like you are not playing and you are not into this battle mentally. This turn based system looks awesome, it has fluidness of ff12 and compplexity of previus games. This is what actually makes turn based fun, actualy having your brain active and not clinicly dead. Thinking of tactics and thinking fast what to do in new situations makes it fun (this is also if you look better a definition of INTELIGENCE), and not like boring gambit system in 12 which is doing all these fact in head of the actual battle. This is a common problem in modern youth, they are impatient to spend 1 hour of understanding the system of game, thats why the FPS are so popular in these days. There is NO THINKING just reflexes and common rules for every FPS out there. one button is to shoot and another are for running around. No square enix arent stupid, FFfans were always people with bigger inteligence (because the game is so complex from story, characters psihologies and game system which required to think) and SE tried to mediocried FF to attract new audience, thats why such system, they tried to mentally retard the game so that it can appeal to the big public of above mentioned youth. They realized that its NOT WORKING, that FF cant be sucha dumb game, because the game run on a big rejection of old FFFans, but also attracted these new impatient youth. so thats what is bugging these new fans who abviusly played only FF12, they cant appeal to concentrate on sucha complicated system and they are calling square now for it. I explained my point of view and I think thats the way most of FFgamers are thinking who played at least 3 final fantasyes. I would like to know your oppinion on this subject.