TeamXbox: Arkanoid Live Review

TeamXbox writes: "Ahhh, the jokes from the O.G. nerds are starting to come back to me. "I liked it the first time…when it was called Breakout" they'd say in speech slurred by heavy orthodontia. Or, "They should stick with Space Invaders," of course talking about Taito and its huge arcade shooter. Yes, Arkanoid was one of those definite love-it-or-hate-it kind of arcade experiences.

All old-school Atari and Space Invaders fanboys aside, Arkanoid is one of those games that, like a catchy song, can get caught in the brain; stuck there, until you actually get to play it again. Well, it's about to get easier to satisfy your urges for brick-and-ball, as Taito's Arkanoid Live! will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade this week."

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