Ten Multiplatform Titles to Check Out

No matter what console you own the PS3 or Xbox360, you must check out these games.

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WildArmed3058d ago

I know the author is entitled to his opinion..

but there are waay better multiplats than Madden/insert sport game name + Star Wars? kidding right.. dat game was mediocre at best.

FamilyGuy3058d ago

"If you know me, you know I had to do it. To my ethnic readers; The only problem with this game is that there are no black hairstyles in the character creation and everybody has the same Caucasian facial structure. I would have liked to see more racial diversity in the character creation feature, other than that get this game."

While i think SCIV should be on the list (and adding mostly sports games is a joke) i have to disagree with this comment. What version of the game did he play? There are afros, french braids, bald heads, and low cuts that could all stereotypically be use as a black persons hair. And the faces too.

This guy needs an imagination or something cuz ive seen all races created in this game even Asian but in a more anime looking way than a slanted eye way.

WildArmed3058d ago

SCIV is VERY customizable.
I believe you can even change the hair color..
i dont think he played the game >_>

-EvoAnubis-3058d ago

1. RE5 - Yes
2. Madden '09 - Hell no.
3. NBA 2K9 - That a joke?
4. Fight Night Round 3 - *facepalms*
5. FIFA Soccer '09 - Can you quit with the sports games already? Not interested!
6. GTA4 - Finally! Not a sports game! This one was good.
7. Soul Calibur 4 - This one was pretty good.
8. Star Wars The Force Unleashed - *falls out of chair laughing*
9. Super Ultra Mega SF2 Turbo HD Remix Championship Ultra-Cool Edition - This one is hit or miss, but it's mostly a good buy.
10. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - A solid YES for any old-school gamer or anyone new to gaming that wonders about its history.

Sheddi3058d ago

I think FIFA09 deserves to be in that spot.
EA has been supporting it very much.

joydestroy3058d ago

lol i'm with you on your yes/no comments.
i think SFIV should've replaced SFII though. that game is just amazing on all fronts.

Bnet3433058d ago

"8. Star Wars The Force Unleashed - *falls out of chair laughing* "

That made me LOL IRL.

ape0073058d ago

the force unleashed is a very solid and fun game,it's underrated

I give it 8.5

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Myst3058d ago

Sega ultimate Genesis collection would be at the top of my list the only other ones I would quite possibly look into is Soul Calibur IV (Was and still is pretty fun). Rental for Resident Evil 5 and quite possibly a rental for Force unleashed..? (Haven't played it yet, so don't know.)

Graphics3058d ago

I expected Cod [email protected], fallout3, SF4, and other games but this guy came with a even worse list lmao, madden, nba2k, star wars? worst list ive seen.

FamilyGuy3058d ago

It isn't even a difficult list to create yet this guy completely failed.
He'd have to be a "casual gamer" to choose games like that as a top ten.

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The story is too old to be commented.