VBG: Sackboy's World Domination

Can one of the most instantly enamouring video game characters ever become the next big gaming mascot and propel Sony forward through the rest of this console generation and beyond?

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italianbreadman3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

He is so very right about the "instantly enamoring" part. Sackboy just has a way of making me smile the whole time I'm playing LBP.

SirLarr3393d ago

He's cute but way too generic. Sony's been trying for years to cultivate a mascot on par with Mario or Master Chief, and they have yet to do it. It didn't work with Crash Bandicoot, and it won't work with Sackboy.

SlamVanderhuge3393d ago

I think Sackboy has a chance at being the next Crash, but not the next Mario. I dont see there ever being a next Mario...gaming is too different now for a mascot like that to become as huge as the pudgy plumber. If Mario had debuted in 2005 rather than 1985, he wouldnt be anywhere near as popular.

ihaten4glol3393d ago

After all this time I have yet to play LBP. Epic fail on my part.

PSP23393d ago

you know how i know lbp is successful?,people with xbox 360s are talking about it i swear.i was at my friends house and we were playing uno as usual i think it was the 30th anniversary card deck and we were playing the game and then one guy said "man why wont this game end i want to play littlebigplanet" and me and my friend looked at the screen like O_o o_O

PSP23393d ago

you mean like a space marine with a helmet on 24-7 365?

Viewtiful3393d ago

Yes but this Space Marine's helmet is Black! Nobody's ever done that before!

stewie328873393d ago

Sackboy is fine, I suppose. I get a kick out of him in the Solid Snake get up.