IGN's Conduit Multiplayer Impressions

Craig Harris writes for IGN:

"Overall I was having a blast – I'll freely admit that I'm nowhere near as good at first-person shooters as most people, and by the time everyone else was up to speed on the game's controls I was having my ass handed to me on a platter. And going by the reaction in the room it seems that The Conduit is a hit with the FPS fanatics. This is easily one of the Wii's best titles of the year, and definitely a shining moment for hardcore gamers with a Wii in their possession."

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SinnedNogara3362d ago

Looks like Wii owners will have a FPS game that will be as addicting as CoD 4. Looks awesome.

Max Power3362d ago

but, wow, me no likey. That didn't seem very good, granted i am sure we only saw a little of the MP, but still...

hatchimatchi3362d ago

sounds cool, that map looked kinda boring in the video, but i realize that it didn't show everything. Looks like it'll be a solid game.

Shnazzyone3362d ago

to see people struggling to find negative things to say about this game as time goes on. I like how Max says he doesn't like it but then gives no real reason as to why. Then recants immediately. I think people are finally being careful about judging this title... but then again the next few comments might prove me wrong as I assume eventually it will result in the now fairly common phrase, "this would have been better/will sell better on ps3/ 360". Otherwise translated to the ear piercing cries of an infant.

N4g_null3362d ago

It's looking pretty good. It's still in beta also. You can increase your walk speed and aim speed so I'll see not problems in that.

I hope it has unlockables also that lets you turn off radar, make every run run way too fast or way too slow, low gravity, etc. The levels are fine so far. I know HVS said there wouldn't be any add-ons but they could still have new stuff by way of Wiiware. Now a level editor would make this the game period but that would be asking for too much LOL.

Also I'll need to see these levels in person, there is really nice lighting in some parts and some parts seem unfinished due to it being a beta. That's fine the core of the game is great they will get lots of feed back at E3 with this.

FatMangosLol3361d ago

Er...I really don't think it's beta by now. It's coming out June 23rd...Just one month away. I actually like The Conduit, my channel is full of Conduit stuff on youtube.

N4g_null3361d ago

It's either beta or gold so if it is not sent off to get duplicated it's still beta. Hey but I could be wrong I don't work there.