Best video game endings ever

Here are some of the best finales in video game history. Some are here because they help flesh out the story, while others just feature great music, or some fun moments with characters. Each one is unique and leaves the player with a positive feeling of accomplishment once the final credits roll.

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patterson3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

The ending to Xenosaga III.

Hardly anyone saw it due to low sales so I don't expect to see it on a popularity list, but I would rank that one pretty high. The music, the events, the emotions just added to a very powerful ending to me.

blitz06233214d ago

thanks for you opinion. I'm actually playing through the 1st/3 right now and am wondering how the game will end.

with regards to the article, I'm glad Snake Eater is given credit. I was really surprised by the turn of events in the ending. I was actually expecting MGS4 to be in there too since it finished off one of the most epic franchises, but I guess one will do.

patterson3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

The Xenosaga series to me is one of those hidden gems and one of my favorite memories from the PS2 era of rpg's.

People either love it or hate it.
I'll just leave it at that and just hope that you enjoy it as well :)

Panthers3214d ago

I had the first and it bored me, but I was a lot more ADD back then. I would probably enjoy it today. I do remember it having longer cut scenes than MGS4 lol.

KKanjiAnkh3214d ago

Crisis Core had an extremely gut wrenching ending, you knew Zack died, but [email protected], I didn't know like that.

cayal3214d ago

CC was a good ending.

spoiler alert? Everyone who has played FFVII knows he dies.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3214d ago

are Resistance 2 and dragon quest 8. Hale was a noble but was starting to act like a douche so he deserved that ending. And DQ8 was just plain epic.

Marcelles253213d ago

WHY WHY.............

lol just joking

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Unicron3214d ago

Ocarina of Time

cmrbe3214d ago

ending for me. I agree though that MGS3 just beats MGS4 ending.

MGS3 ending is the first ending that made me cry. Its was so freaking gut wrenching.

After all the crap he when through he finally realise the truth in the end. The look on his face was just so so sad its not funny. Complete and utter dissolution in everything he held true before. You could see it so clearly when he was getting his award from the president knowing the injustice that has occurred. It was just so so sad.

I only then completely understood Big Boss. He may have been a super solider but no person had to endure what he went through. I really really felt sorry for him. With Snake being his clone i am not surprise at all why snake was the way he was.

That last part when he was walking out on them after the ceremony to the Boss grave to his final salute was so freaking moving that i did cry when i saw that single tear. Big boss was human afterall. He may have been trained to be a super solider and in the process save the world from nuclear annilation but he couldn't help but shed a tear for his friend and mentor. Kojima is a gaming god.

Obama3214d ago

There is no doubt in my mind that mgs3 ending beats mgs4 ending. The ending is so powerful and beautiful that makes you want to rewatch it again and again.

Daishi3214d ago

For once Obama and I agree, MGS3s ending blew 4s ending out of the water. For me (most people disagree but hey it's an opinion) MGS4s ending was such a huge let down. It's like it was thrown together just for shock value and to tie up loose ends. It's like the new Indiana Jones movie with the aliens, Big Boss, really?!

Tr10wn3213d ago

i agree with you MGS4 ending was epic but GoW2 was good too and not that bad

rezzah3214d ago

Shadow of The Colossus, FF7: Crisis Core, Golden Sun 1 & 2, MGS4. Maybe a couple others I think of right now.

Tony240ZT3213d ago

What? The ending of shadow of colossus? Save the woman, but reborn as a mutant child, that was the most odd ending.

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